Guest update with Covid-19 situation.

With all intentions to open our Bed and Breakfast rooms on July 15, we’d like to provide an update to all our upcoming guests and people of interest who wish to be informed of the measures we are taking in the Covid-19 situation. 


Firstly, we’d like to reiterate that Torridon Estate is a Bed and Breakfast but it is first and foremost our family home. In order for guests to get to and from their rooms, you are required to walk through the main house areas which are places used by the family as well. We ask, with great regard, that all guests respect social distancing measures whilst in all areas of the house and attempt to be as sanitary as possible whilst moving through these areas. 


We would just like to highlight that all of the below measures are being enforced with the best intentions - to keep yourselves, our family and our community safe and healthy. 


Social Distancing within and around Torridon Estate


Because of social distancing restrictions still recommended to apply, we unfortunately cannot allow guests into shared spaces of the house as we did prior. All our guest rooms are spacious with seating areas to allow for a relaxing space for you and with each room having it’s own charm, we are certain you will thoroughly enjoy these rooms and what they have to offer.


Whilst out walking and in our local village, we ask all guests to continue to apply social distancing and sanitary measures. We have a lot of older folks in our community that we care about and do not want to put at risk. 


Sanitary Stations


We will provide hand sanitiser and sanitation products at stations at entry points and other areas throughout the house. 


Bed Linen and Towels


We kindly ask that guests remove bed linen and place this in the large linen bag in your room or cottage before checking out. As well as this, please place the towels and bath mats in the linen bag. 


Rubbish and Recycling


For those staying in our holiday cottages, we kindly ask for all guests to take all rubbish and recycling with them. 

Dishwashers and Dishes


For those staying in our holiday cottages, we kindly ask for dishwashers to be emptied and all dirty dishes to be cleaned, dried and put away before checking out.


Check in and Check Out


For all guests staying in one of our holiday cottages, the cottage key will be left in the front door so you can let yourselves in when you arrive. We ask that on check out, the key is left in the main door as it was on your arrival. 


For bed and breakfast guests, please ring the door bell on arrival. We will greet you and show you to your rooms. Please do not enter the main house until someone has met with you at the main entrance and explained where things are and where your room is in the house. 


Breakfast for B&B Guests


We have the best intentions to provide a nutritious and enjoyable breakfast to our B&B guests. We will be following recommended guidelines to ensure this is delivered. 


What we are doing


We want to reassure our guests that even though we do our best to achieve high cleaning standards, we are going that extra mile to deep clean and sanitise the cottages and B&B rooms after every visit.


It is important to us that everyone feels safe and are confident in spending time with us. 



We want to emphasise that we are a perfect secluded location to escape and enjoy the very best of Scottish nature. We very much look forward to sharing our gem in the Highlands with you and hope, that under such circumstances, we can both thoroughly enjoy the remaining summer season and what the Torridon area has to offer.